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Financial Audit

According to independent audit law, No 51/NA, dated 22 July 2014. the following organizations are required to be annually audited:

  • Foreign enterprises
  • Banks and other institutions under supervision of Bank of Lao PDR
  • Insurance companies and insurance agents
  • Listed companies, securities companies and public companies
  • State Own Enterprises
  • External loan and grant projects
We provide financial audit as well as Audit up on Procedures (AUP) which include the following:

  • System implementation review
  • Expenditure review
  • Fixed asset physiccal verification
  • Stock physical count
Please contact us for more details of audit up on procedures you may require

Our Approaches
  • We may contact potential clients if they are interested in having an audit or a client may contact us asking for services.
  • If a client is interested in audit, we will send a set of questionnaires asking about background information and service requirement.
  • Based on the information provided in the questionnaires, we may contact or meet the client for more details if require.
  • A quotation and proposal will sent to client for review and consideration.
  • if client agreed on the quote and proposal, we will prepare and send engagement letter which outline terms and conditions of services.
  • A client may review and suggest for a revision of the terms and conditions of the services if any. Soon the engagement letter is finalized and signed off, we will start our audit planning as specified in the engagement letter.
Our main steps of audit are shown in the figure below:

Detailed procedures of each step will be outlined in our proposal sent to clients

What is added value to financial audit?

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